About Artstew Design

Website Development, Graphics Design, and SEO

Building Websites and more in Lawrence KS and throughout the United States

Artstew Design was started by Scott Stewart after graduating from the University of Kansas in 2002. Beginning with small and medium sized projects in Lawrence Kansas, Artstew has now expanded to build projects with multiple clients throughout the United States. We work on a regular basis with other designers, marketing firms, and large design firms. Please visit our main collaborators: Kern Group in Lawrence KS, and Tandem Design in New York City.

Scott Stewart, Website Design

Scott Stewart

Founder / Lead Web Development

BFA of Design at the University of Kansas

Joe Scholz, SEO, Content Creator

Joe Scholz

SEO & Content Coordinator

BA of Film & Media Studies at the University of Kansas

Sara Rock, Social Media, Marketing Manager

Sara Rock

Social Media & Marketing Manager

BS of Strategic Communication at the University of Kansas

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