Artstew offers full service solutions for website design, development and maintenance. We offer clean and functionally designed websites. It is our goal to keep them functional and up to date in all areas of SEO and security as well.

Here we work with clients to build and maintain websites. We will create schedules for maintenance and updates. Our trusted tools for design, such as WordPress, as well as the plugins we use will help keep your site up to date and up to speed.

We will maintain the security of your site for peace of mind and protection of your site from malware, viruses and hacking. One of our most often used resources is the WPMU plugin called Defender. Defender is a tool for monitoring security that generates reports and offers suggestions for further security, that we use for WordPress websites.

From the Defender Site:

Defender adds the best in WordPress security plugin to your website with just a few clicks. Stop brute force attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting XSS, and other WordPress vulnerabilities and hacks with Defender malware scans, antivirus scans, IP blocking, firewall, activity log, security log, and two-factor authentication login security.


  • Two-factor authentication – passwords and mobile app verification codes
  • Login masking – change the location of WordPress’s default login area
  • Login lockout – failed login attempts lockout
  • 404 Detection – automated block of bot IPs
  • Geolocation IP lockout – block users based on location and country (IP blocking)
  • WordPress Security Firewall – block or allowlist IPs
  • Disable trackbacks and pingbacks – spam prevention
  • Core and server update recommendations – stay on top of your system
  • Disable file editor – if they get in, they won’t get far
  • Hide error reporting – don’t reveal your issues
  • Update security keys – reset on-demand
  • Prevent information disclosure – why tell them what you have
  • Prevent PHP execution – because it’s daaaangerous

At Artstew we help clients build secure sites, but can also manage and repair existing sites. With our knowledge and tools we can clear corrupted files, and fix security errors for existing sites. From that point we will maintain the site’s security and offer suggestions for preventing future problems that may damage your site or weaken its security. Clients can trust that the sites designed and maintained by Artstew will remain functional, secure and up to date. Contact us for any of your website development and design needs.